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Got questions? Need help? Here are some frequently asked questions about this site, entering online contests and sweepstakes, and sweepstaking in general.

  1. Is it safe to enter these sweepstakes?
    The contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways listed on this site are all safe to enter - it is recommended, however, that you get a new email address to use for entering sweepstakes as your signup may put you on mailing lists for e-newsletters. If you are concerned about receiving junk or spam email, it is particularly important that you use a new email address rather than your regular one.

  2. Does anyone really win these prizes?
    Yes they do!! The sweepstakes offered here are from legitimate companies interested in promoting their websites or products, or - in the case of Facebook and Twitter contests, receiving more "Likes" or followers and are offering prizes in exchange for this form of promotion.

  3. I have heard about sweepstakes scams - what do I do to avoid them?
    Remember - NEVER pay money to enter or to receive your prize. If you receive an email or phone call stating you have won a prize and you must submit money before receiving it, this is a scam coming from criminals and not from the legitimate companies that are listed on this website. Also, if you are notified that you have won a prize and must give your bank account information in order to be sent the prize - this is a SCAM, do NOT give this information.

  4. How do you find the sweepstakes and giveaways offered on this site - do you provide the prizes yourself?
    The sweepstakes listed on this site are either submitted for inclusion by the sponsor running the promotion or found myself by searching the web for new sweeps, reading company email newsletters I receive, or even from a TV ad! All prizes are provided by the individual sweepstakes/contest sponsor operating the promotion.

  5. Are the sweepstakes and contests listed here free?
    Yes, everything listed on this site is free to enter. As a winner, you will also receive free shipping of your prize unless it is clearly stated up-front that shipping is not free, which is very rare.

  6. If I give my email address to enter a sweepstakes will I receive a lot of spam or junk email?
    You may receive sponsor email newsletters after you register - sometimes there is an opt-in button you can uncheck if you don't want to be on the sponsor's mailing list; sometimes the sponsor requires you to join the mailing list in order to be entered in the contest. Again - it is recommended you get a new email address to use to enter sweepstakes; make sure to check your email regularly in case you receive notice of winning a prize and must respond! Read the privacy policy on the site operating the sweepstakes before entering your info if you are concerned about giving out your personal information.

  7. I am not 18 years old yet, are there any sweepstakes or contests out there for me to enter?
    Yes, indeed! Visit my page especially created for kids and teens 17 years old and younger to find sweepstakes and contests you are eligible to enter. For teens ages 18 and 19, you are eligible for most sweeps on this site, so just check out the listings on the main site pages (there are a few that require you to be 21 years).

  8. Why are some sweepstakes not open to residents of the state I live in?
    This is normally because of legal reasons based on laws in certain states that prohibit residents from entering particular types of contests or sweepstakes awarding certain types of prizes.

  9. I won a prize but have not received it yet - it's been a long time, where's my prize?!
    It often takes several months after a sweepstakes has ended for the prizes to be handled and shipped. The rules will sometimes state how long to expect before receiving your prize. If you have waited a longer amount of time than anticipated, contact the sweepstakes/giveaway sponsor for feedback.

  10. I am running a giveaway on my website - how can I list it on your site?
    To suggest your sweepstakes, contest, giveaway, game, or freebie to SweepstakesCrazy, please visit the Submit-A-Sweeps page for submission instructions and guidelines.

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