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Sweepstaking Do's and Don'ts - Tips to help you enter and win online contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

  • DO increase your chances of winning a prize by entering the daily entry sweepstakes every day - more entries equals more chances at that prize!

  • DO try the contests of skill - requiring a skill such as answering trivia, playing games, creating recipes, art, videos, or taking great photos is harder than simply entering sweepstakes, so you have a greater chance of winning a prize, especially if you are good at a particular skill. These contests also don't receive as many entrants as the big sweepstakes, increasing your chances of a win.

  • DO enter giveaways run by smaller websites or blogs. These often have smaller prizes but many less entrants, giving you a bigger chance at that win.

  • DO be on the lookout for contests and sweepstakes that run for a short time (such as a few weeks rather than many months). These will have less entrants based on the shorter run, giving you a greater chance of winning.

  • DO get a new, free email address to use just for sweepstaking (try gmail, hotmail, or yahoo). You will receive some email newsletters from sponsors after entering their sweepstakes (you can sometimes opt out of these when you enter). There is also a chance you could end up getting some spam/junk email - so better to keep this away from your regular email. Make sure to regularly check your new email address for prize winning notifications that you need to respond to!

  • DON'T enter sweepstakes or contests that you are not eligible for, make sure to check the rules.

  • DON'T enter more times than you are allowed. If the sweepstakes rules only allow one entry for the run of the promotion, make sure to enter only ONE time or you may be disqualified.

  • DON'T give a fake email address or postal address. Often if you win you will be contacted by email and will need to respond. Also, there are times when you have won a prize and it is mailed to you with no notice (a lovely surprise!) -- without a correct mailing address you will never receive your winnings.

  • DO have fun! Good Luck sweepers!

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