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Welcome to GJ's Bookmarks - My Favorite Links

-- This is just a personal selection of my favorite places to go on the Web. Have fun surfing, these are the sites I really love or find useful - use my bookmarks to find cool new websites you will love too!


  1. What Time is It? - Go here and click your time zone to get the official U.S. time and date. (for USA only)
  2. Reverse Phone Number Lookup Tool - Type in a phone number, find out who called (unless it's an unpublished or unavailable number).
  3. Free Weather Report - Find out your local weather and five-day forecast here.


  1. Online Dictionary - Here's where I like to go when I need help with the spelling or definition of a word.
  2. Quoteland - Best Place to Find Quotes - Find famous quotations searching by keyword, topic, or author.
  3. Guinness World Records - Explore the records, find out info on how to set a record!
  4. AnswerShack.com Reference Guide - Fact finder with trivia facts, statistics, and information lists.


  1. Doodle Too - A big multiplayer/group blackboard you can doodle on in all the colors of the rainbow. Well, this may seem like very silly fun - but sometimes I just like to unwind for a few minutes and doodle here (this has the feel to me like the teacher's left the classroom and the kids have taken over the blackboard - kind of a hoot).
  2. AgeGuess - Guess the age of the person in the picture, post your own photo to let other people guess your age! Earn points for guesses (you get more points for closer guesses) and see the leaderboard for best players, best guessers. Pretty addictive!
  3. typeracer - Typing race game - have fun and improve your typing skills at the same time! Enter a racing competition against online opponents as you type in short quotes from books and try to get the fasted WPM score.


  1. Free Rice - Help End Hunger - Play this online vocabulary game by clicking on the answer that you think best defines each word. Try to get to the highest vocabulary level you can. BIG BONUS: for each word you get right, they donate 10 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program to help end hunger.
  2. Alex's Lemonade Stand - Help fight childhood cancer.
  3. Cookies for Kids' Cancer - Host a Bake Sale, send cookies to help the fight against pediatric cancer.


  1. Jessica's Biscuit - Best Cookbook Shop Online - My favorite online shop to buy cookbooks (and I have a ton!). I have ordered from them many times - online now, but I have also used their mail order catalog to order since way before the internet existed.
  2. Book Sale Finder - Click the map to find local book sales upcoming in your area. I like this for the numerous used library book sales that are listed.
  3. Current Catalog - Best Wrapping Paper - Wrap it up in CurrentCatalog.comís decorative paper, gift bags, tags and more! I like to shop here for my gift wrap, gift bags, ribbon, and some of my scrapbooking supplies. They also have boxed greeting cards, and cute, inexpensive decorative items, kitchen gadgets, etc. Lots of good sales too.
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